Frequently Asked Questions


 Are all room rates commissionable?
Best Available Rates, Rack rates, certain corporate and government rates are commissionable. Most promotional, group and tour rates are not. Travel agents will be advised at the time of booking if a rate is not commissionable. Please see Commissions for details.

How do you process commission payments?

La Quinta processes all commissions via Pegasus Commissions Processing. Each month you will receive a check or bank deposit and report listing all stay data and commissions paid.

How do I inquire about my commission payment?

Commission inquiries must be submitted within 6 months of guest departure. Please send your inquiry via:
   • Email us directly at
   • Call a La Quinta representative at 1-800-531-5915 Option 6 or 866-243-6845 Option 2 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. CST, Monday-Friday.
   • Fax your inquiry to 214-596-6011

In which Global Distribution Systems (GDS) does La Quinta participate?

Sabre, Amadeaus, Worldspan and Apollo

What is the La Quinta chain code in the Global Distribution System?

All La Quintas are listed under the LQ chain code.

What travel agent numbers does La Quinta recognize?

La Quinta recognizes and pays commissions on the following numbers:
   • Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC)
   • Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)
   • International Air Transport Association (IATA)
   • Scheduled Airline Traffic offices (SATO)
   • Travel Industry Designator Service (TIDS)
   • Travel Retailers Universal Enumeration (TRUE)

How do I register my travel agent number with La Quinta?

For US based travel agents: please fax a copy of your agency's certificate (from one of the required organizations), your agency's W-9 tax form, and a copy of your agency's letterhead to 214-596-6011.
For Non-US based travel agents: please fax a copy of your agency's certificate (from one of the required organizations) and a copy of your agency's letterhead to 214-596-6011. The registration process normally takes 24-48 hours.

How do I add a Returns number to a passenger's name record?

For Sabre, Apollo and Amadeus use /ID- and for Worldspan use /FG-

How do I book a non-smoking room?

Many La Quinta’s are 100% nonsmoking. This is listed in the property description. At all other properties, unless a room is specifically described as a smoking room in the room description, the room will be a non-smoking room If your client requests a smoking room, please place the request in the /SI field.

Why do I receive a "UC"(unable to confirm) response when the hotel shows as available in the GDS?

Because of seamless availability you as a travel agent are seeing the same availability as other travel agents, our call center agents, customers booking on our websites and the hotel direct. Thus by the time you have selected the rate one of the other parties may have confirmed it.

Why aren't all rates loaded and available to sell in the GDS?

La Quinta makes every attempt to display a wide range of rates in the GDS. However, due to seasonal rate changes, special restrictions, and a limited amount of space all rates cannot be displayed.

How do I get negotiated rates loaded into the GDS?

Please provide your client with your PCC and requested rate access code. Your client will provide the information to their La Quinta Sales Manager and request viewership of the negotiated rate: We are unable to load locally negotiated rates until we receive a completed rate load request form from the hotel.

Once a property or client contacts me to advise that a rate have been loaded, is there anything further that I need to do?

Yes, always do a test booking to ensure that you do have proper access to the requested rates. This will prevent you from encountering any potential challenges, when you need to book this rate.

If I cannot access my locally negotiated rate, what steps should I take?

First, contact the property that you negotiated with to ensure that they did submit a rate loading form to request the rates be loaded and providing you viewership. If the property indicates they did submit the appropriate information, contact the GDS Help Desk at 866-243-6845 Option 3

When is a translation table HST necessary?

If we are able to load the requested rate using the requested rate access code, it is not necessary to set up a translation table. If we are unable to set up the requested rate using the requested rate access code, it is necessary to set up a translation table.

Can I make a Group Booking via the GDS?

Bookings of 10 or more rooms must be made through the La Quinta Group Desk. Please contact our Group Desk at 1-800-642-4239.

How long does it take a hotel to receive my confirmation number?

Normally it is instantaneous, but should be available at the hotel within one hour. If you have a confirmation number and the hotel is not showing the reservation please contact our Help Desk at 866-243-6845 Option 3 for assistance.

Why does the hotel have a different confirmation number from the one provided in the GDS?

The confirmation number returned to the CF- field in the hotel segment is from the Central Reservation System. Our hotel properties have a property management system (PMS) that assigns a confirmation number based on the PMS number scheme. If needed, the hotel can retrieve the reservation with the Central Reservation System confirmation number or guest name

Why did the client receive a "no-show" when I cancelled the reservation properly and on time?

On some rare occasions and due to area demands the hotels may change their cancellation policy. If your PNR history shows that the reservation was cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy in effect at the time of booking we will have the charge removed.

How do I ask for information La Quinta in the GDS?

Sabre: HODLQ Apollo: HODLQ Worldspan: G/HTL/LQQ Amadeus: GGHTLLQ

Who do I contact if the hotel's information pages are not correct in the GDS?

Please contact our Help Desk at 866-243-6845 Option 3


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