Destination Guide

Los Angeles

Los Angeles spreads across a desert basin between a beautiful ocean and majestic snowcapped mountains. What lies between is what makes it the destination for feast, fervor, frolic, the fabulous, the famous, and far out fun for everyone. As the entertainment and creative capital of the world, Los Angeles offers a wealth of experiences that few other destinations can match. There are so many fun things to do in Los Angeles, you may as well just move here, where imagination rules and originality is prized, the glamour can only be rivaled by its culture. You explore the city's eternal nightlife, original cuisine, theme parks, TV studios or world-class attractions. Venice Beach, also known as Dogtown, credited as the birthplace of skateboarding, where Rollerblading first became popular, and area beaches are popular with parties, sunbathers, surfers, swimmers and bare footers, who have created their own subcultures.