About Amarillo

With cattle ranches, historic mansions, buildings dating back to the era of settlers, picturesque desert canyons and the world famous U.S. Highway 66 passing through the city, Amarillo has a fascinating attraction for just about any visitor.

Polk Street/Downtown

Starting with the construction of the 31-story Chase Tower in 1971, the downtown area of Amarillo has flourished with fine restaurants, an eclectic array of art galleries and a number of popular museums. The Don Harrington Discovery Center, featuring an interactive science space with over 60 hands-on exhibits, is the perfect place for family travelers. Another popular destination on Polk Street is the Amarillo Zoo, where every year the zoo acquires new animals for display.

Route 66 Historic District

The world-famous Route 66 Historic District passes through Amarillo, offering visitors a taste of the classic, traveling western spirit. For shoppers, Route 66 (located on what is now sixth avenue) has so many antique stores that part of the road is nicknamed “antique row.” Seek out Sixth Street Antique Mall for rare vintage items. Route 66 also has restaurants serving delicious western barbecue and other uniquely Texan foods; the Golden Light Café is said to have some of the best burgers in Texas. Families may dedicate a day to exploring the shops along the way.


The outskirts of the city are where lovers of natural beauty may find beautiful canyons and picturesque desert landscapes. The Palo Duro Canyon State Park, a protected nature preserve, is the perfect place for a family outing. Only a short drive from Amarillo is Lake Meredith National Recreation Area where sailing, swimming and fishing make for a fun day out. The canyon has two ranches, Elkins Ranch and Figure 3 Ranch, that offer tours and meals for visitors.

  • Polk Street

    Polk Street Amarillo, TX 79102 United States
    From premiere restaurants and buzzing clubs to quaint, small-town shops, Polk Street has something to offer to just about every visitor. For families seeking out historic landmarks, Polk Street's Harrington House, a neo-classical mansion, is the perfect place to visit. Tourists staying in Amarillo in August should plan on attending the Annual Polk Street Block Party benefiting the downtown revitalization project. A highlight of Amarillo, Polk Street offers something for everyone.
  • Route 66 Historic District

    Route 66 Amarillo, TX 79107 United States
    Route 66 is a part of America's identity. The birth of cars, Western freewheeling, traveling, Jack Kerouac and Route 66; these histories go hand-in-hand, and Amarillo features some truly iconic sections of the road. The Big Texan Restaurant has been offering diners its 72 oz. steak challenge since the 1970s. The Cowboy Motel can easily be recognized by its giant antique cowboy road sign in front. Route 66 is the perfect place for shopping, dining, and experiencing a legendary section of American history.
  • Cadillac Ranch

    Interstate 40 Frontage Road Amarillo, TX 79106 United States
    Built by local millionaire/philanthropist Stanley Marsh III, Cadillac Ranch is easily one of Texas' most recognizable attractions. Eleven rusted, gutted-out Cadillacs are lined up and photogenically planted hood-first in the dirt. Unlike the pyramids, Stonehenge and other cultural landmarks, visitors are encouraged to bring spray paint and let loose on this monument. Every visitor to Amarillo should experience Caddy Ranch at least once.
  • Wonderland Amusement Park

    2601 Dumas Drive Amarillo, TX 79107 United States - Phone: +1 800 383 4712 / +1 806 383 3344
    Featuring three roller-coasters, five water-slides and a number of rides for children, the Wonder Land Amusement Park has been entertaining visitors in Amarillo for close to 50 years. The family-friendly park also has bumper cars and a miniature golf course. For an affordable price, guests can purchase a ride pass for a full day of experiencing almost any attraction in the park (discounts are available for children with a height under "42). The Wonderland Amusement Park is the perfect place to have fun on a summer's day. Check website for seasonal hours.
  • Amarillo Zoo

    2400 North Polk Street Amarillo, TX 79107 United States - Phone: +1 806 381 7911
    Residing on a 15-acre plot of forest land, the Amarillo Zoo allows guests to experience over 45 different species of animals, along with rare plant breeds. The zoo is constantly adding new animals, some of the most popular being the Bengal Tigers and Wallabies. The Amarillo Zoo is the perfect place for a fun family outing while on vacation. Admission to the zoo is free on Mondays.
  • Amarillo Botanical Gardens

    1400 Streit Drive Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 352 6513
    The Amarillo Botanical Gardens is a great place to visit for families or individuals who want to have a fun, educational experience involving the outdoors and native plant life. New exhibits are regularly being added, such as the Palo Duro Canyon Garden. Guided tours are available by request if made a week in advance. Be sure to find the tropical conservatory for a chance to investigate rare and exotic indoor plants.
  • Harrington House

    1600 South Polk Street Amarillo, TX 79102 United States - Phone: +1 806 374 5490
    Constructed in 1914 by wealthy cattlemen, the Harrington House is a registered historical site of Amarillo, Texas. The house was built in a neoclassic style and the original structures are almost completely intact. The house was purchased in 1940 by the Harringtons, who traveled extensively and brought back rare artifacts and art to the house. Today, the house is open to the public for tours and guided lectures. Appointments must be made a week in advance.
  • Sixth Street Antique Mall

    W 6th Ave & S Forest St Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 374 0459
    An official listing on the National Register of Historic Places, the Natatorium, or as locals call it, "The Nat", used to be an indoor swimming pool in the 20s. In later years, the Nat was transformed into a dance hall. The Nat was a major venue for bands traveling through Route 66, with such legendary musicians as Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong gracing the stage. Today, the Nat is as popular as ever, although it re-opened to the public as a large antique mall.
  • Old West Stables

    306 Rolling Trail Amarillo, TX 79108 United States - Phone: +1 806 488 2180
    Traversing through the heart of the Palo Duro Canyon, trained cowboys guide visitors on horseback along dusty old trails during the Old West Stables tours. Three different tours are available for different types of guests; from a light, child-friendly half an hour ride to a five hour ride for experienced riders through some of the canyon's most scenic regions. Call ahead to book a tour. 
  • Texas Panhandle War Memorial

    4101 South Georgia Street Amarillo, TX 79110 United States - Phone: +1 806 353 8796
    The Texas Panhandle War Memorial pays tribute to soldiers who either lost their life or went missing in action since the Spanish American War. Several large red granite stones, each dedicated to a different war, lists the names of veterans who came from the 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle.
  • Llano Cemetery

    2900 S Hayes St Amarillo, TX 79103 United States - Phone: +1 806 376 4538
    The historic Llano Cemetery was created by a group of dedicated volunteering women in 1901 and continues to be preserved as a notable heritage site in Amarillo. Picturesque Statues from the turn of the 20th Century can still be found on the property.
  • Santa Fe Building

    900 S Polk St Amarillo, TX 79101 United States - Phone: +1 806 342 2602
    Constructed by Architect E.A. Harrison in 1930, the Santa Fe Building is one of the oldest structures in Amarillo. The architectural style it was built in is late Gothic revival. The building was originally headquarters for the Atchison, Topeka Santa Fe Railway Company, an extremely successful builder of new railroad lines throughout the country. Today, the building houses offices and is a registered historical site of Amarillo.
  • Wildcat Bluff Nature Center

    2301 North Soncy Road Amarillo, TX 79124 United States - Phone: +1 806 352 6007
    The Wildcat Bluff Nature Center is a protected, natural piece of the Amarillo landscape. Trails wind through 600 acres of land where Amarillo's unique wildlife can be experienced. Horned-lizards, porcupines and hawks inhabit the area. Taking a hike is the perfect experience for curious youngsters and families. Summer camps, guided tours and other activities are organized regularly by the Wildcat Bluff Nature Center.
  • Helium Monument

    1200 Streit Drive Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 355 9547
    Right outside of the Don Harrington Discovery Center sits a large steel structure. This monument is dedicated to helium, the gas that originally brought prosperity to Amarillo. At one point of time, Amarillo was the world's only commercial producer of helium. The monument is dedicated to the importance of helium in the building of Amarillo's economic development and growth as a city.
  • Thompson Park

    2601 Dumas Dr Amarillo, TX 79107 United States - Phone: +1 806 383 3344
    Amarillo's Thompson park covers and area of over 600 acres which makes it a perfect destination for families with kids. A day can be devoted to exploring the park and discovering it's features. A small zoo can be found on Thompson Park. For adults, a 36-hole golf course is available. But don't get too sidetracked and miss the lake, baseball park or child amusement area.
  • Lights Off Golf

    7701 W Interstate 40 Amarillo, TX 79121 United States - Phone: +1 806 331 3363
    Lights Off Golf is the perfect place to go for a date or with friends. At night, the golf balls, the green and the putters all glow in the dark thanks to black lights and special paint.
  • Lake Meredith National Recreation Area

    Plum Road Fritch, TX 79036 United States - Phone: +1 806 857 3151
    Lake Meredith is the largest Lake in the Amarillo area. Located in the high plains northeast of Amarillo, Lake Meredith offers boat rentals to guests. Lake Meredith is the perfect place for a day trip, with picnicking spots along with fishing, swimming and sailing. Even though the lake is 40 miles from the city, it is worth the journey.
  • Coyote Flight Centers

    11001 Airport Blvd. Amarillo, TX 79111 United States - Phone: +1 806 335 9763
    Coyote Flight Centers offers a variety of programs and air tours of Amarillo for visitors. Lessons are conducted by highly trained professionals and after certification, the center still provides aviation support. For travelers wishing to see Amarillo from above, sightseeing tours, night flights and Christmas Light specials are available. Air tours last about an hour, cost USD 150 and are perfect for families with kids.
  • Madame Queen

    South Lincoln Street & South East 2nd Avenue Amarillo, TX 79101 United States
    The Madame Queen is a prototype 2-10-2 locomotive that was constructed in 1930 for the Santa Fe Railroad. The locomotive has been on display to the public for over 50 years. At the time of its use, the Madame Queen was the premiere locomotive of its day. In order to continue the upkeep of the classic locomotive, The Santa Fe Locomotive Development Museum is getting its start and taking donations. It was also shown in the Mega Movers series of The History Channel.
  • Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument

    Yantis and Ranch Road 687 Fritch, TX 79036 United States - Phone: +1 806 857 3151
    Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument offers two hour tours by reservation when the weather permits. The tour is lead by knowledgeable park rangers who take visitors on a one and a half mile hike, teaching about the lives of the earliest native North Americans. The area was used by Native Americans for flint tools. The tours are perfect for families who wish to learn about history and culture.
  • Palo Duro Canyon State Park

    11450 Park Road 5 Amarillo, TX 79015 United States - Phone: +1 806 488 2227
    Dubbed by locals as "The Grand Canyon of Texas", Palo Duro Canyon State Park is a 20,000 acre (8093.71 hectare) area covering ground from Randall County to the Texas Panhandle. The first Spanish explorers named the area "Palo Duro" which means "hard wood" because of the abundant juniper and mesquite trees. Today, the canyon is known for its natural beauty which can be taken in on a guided horseback riding tour. Other activities include camping, hiking, bird watching, mountain bike trails, and scenic drives.
  • Western Bowl

    5120 Canyon Dr Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 352 2737
    The Western Bowl bowling alley is the perfect place for people visiting Amarillo to have some fun. Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday are "Galaxy Bowling" nights, where disco music is played and lasers flash throughout the alley. For young travelers, Thursdays are "College Nights" where students from Texas A&M and other schools come for a fun night of bowling. Hot dogs, sodas, beers and all of the other refreshments needed for a solid game of bowling are served.
  • Downtown Amarillo

    301-313 E Amarillo Boulevard Amarillo, TX 79107 United States - Phone: +1 806 378 3000
    Downtown Amarillo is certainly a must-visit attraction, while you are in the city. It represents the entire city and brings forth the colorful picture of Amarillo. Currently the government has taken keen interest in restoration of refurbishment of the area and has appointed Center City of Amarillo to look after the same. For more updates, call ahead.
  • Ozymandias On The Plains

    4515-4741 West Sundown Lane Amarillo, TX 79118 United States
    One of the most unique landmarks in all of Amarillo, Ozymandias on the Plains comprises of a pair of sock-wearing giant legs. A work of art by eccentric artist Lightnin’ McDuff, it is said to based on one of P. B. Shelley's poems called “Ozymandias”. Although the original composition was designed without the famous socks, the addition stuck. Apart from the socks, this structure keeps getting vandalized by kids in the neighborhood, but is always returned to its original shape, thanks to the locals who are awfully fond and proud of the Ozymandias's sock-covered feet.
  • Floating Mesa

    Farm to Market Road 2381 Amarillo, TX 79012 United States
    The Floating Mesa (flat hill) has a narrow white band wrapped on top of it, giving its onlookers the illusion that the top portion of the mesa is floating. The white band is actually a line of white plywood sheets that help create this illusion. The unique concept of the Floating Mesa can be credited to artist and philanthropist, Stanley Marsh III, whose other notable works include the Cadillac Ranch. The mesa's floating effect is achieved when the sky is an appropriate shade of white, and the captivating impression that is formed, makes a visit to the Floating Mesa, worth it.
  • Splash Amarillo

    1415 Sunrise Drive Amarillo, TX 79104 United States - Phone: +1 806 322 0129
    Offering a cool respite from the sweat-inducing Texas heat, Splash Amarillo is a fun water park perfect for the whole family. Whether you're zipping down the Speed Slide, body surfing in the wave pool, or floating down the lazy river, you'll be sure to have a great time. The Adventure Treasure Island and Bucket Dump area are ideal for the little ones, with a shallow wading depth and play structures like a sunken ship to climb and explore. When its time to grab a bite to eat, head to the concession stand.
  • Amarillo Ramp

    Off 13304 Brickplant Road Amarillo, TX 79124 United States
    Completed posthumously, this unique piece of art was the brainchild of Robert Smithson, a renowned American artist known for his provocative earthworks. Concerned with commercialism and art, Smithson strove to create an art form that could exist outside the confines of a gallery in a non-traditional viewing space. One of his last creations, the Smithson perished attempting to search for the perfect location for his next piece, the Amarillo Ramp. Inspired by his legacy, the piece was finished by his contemporaries, Richard Serra and Tony Shafrazi.
  • The Charles Goodnight Home & Historical Center

    4989 County Road 25 Goodnight, TX 79226 United States - Phone: +1 806 944 5591 / +1 855 881 6499(Toll Free)
    Serving as one of the most important homes in the Texas Panhandle, the Goodnight home was built in 1887 for the famous family. Known as the father of the cattle industry in the state of Texas, Charles Goodnight pioneered the first permanent cattle raising operation in Texas with the help of his wife, Mary Ann. Today the home and historical center serves as a national treasure and educates visitors on the history of the cowboys who worked here and the family that turned the region into a prosperous community. 
  • Calico County Restaurant

    2410 Paramount Boulevard Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 358 7664
    For a restaurant serving heaping quantities of juicy steaks and other classic American foods, Calico County Restaurant is extremely well-priced and high quality. With no frills or fancy ambiance, this eatery offers clear-cut comfort foods.
  • Vince's Italian Pizza

    2413 South Western St Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 352 2656
    Vince's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria is one of the most popular Italian eateries in Amarillo. From pasta, to pizza and salads, Vince's has a dish that will suit any appetite and taste. Vince's Special, a pizza topped with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and a choice of either olives or bell peppers, is an especially delicious pie. Also, be sure to stop in for lunch and try a tasty chicken parmigiana.
  • Golden Light Café & Cantina

    2906 South West 6th Avenue Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 374 9237
    Come try one of the most famous burgers in Texas, if not the Western Hemisphere, at the Golden Light Café. The relaxed atmosphere of the Golden Light Café is tinged with a hint of sentimentality thanks to road signs, posters and bumper stickers hanging on the walls. Live bands play to warm crowds of locals and visitors alike. The food and drinks are refreshingly affordable when considering the high quality and customer demand.
  • Orient Cuisine

    717 S Fillmore St Amarillo, TX 79101 United States - Phone: +1 806 372 6011
    This straightforward Thai food restaurant is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. For affordable, yet fresh and tasty classic Thai dishes based around delicious veggies, noodles and rice, the Orient Cuisine is for you. Perfect for visitors who are hungry after exploring the Route 66 Historic District. Take-out is available for eaters on the go.
  • Big Texan Steak Ranch

    7701 East Interstate 40 Amarillo, TX 79118 United States - Phone: +1 806 372 7000
    Home of the famous 72. oz steak challenge where brave carnivores must eat their four and a half pound steak, a salad and a roll in under in an hour to receive their meal free, Big Texan Steak Ranch is one of Texas' most legendary steak eateries. The TSR is easy to spot by the antique, long-legged cowboy sign posted in front. Travelers and locals alike have been welcomed by the friendly staff for over forty years. Any visitor to Amarillo should be sure to sample one of the most famous steaks in Texas at the Steak Ranch.
  • Henk's Pit Bar-B-Que

    1508 S Grand St Amarillo, TX 79104 United States - Phone: +1 866 915 4371 / +1 806 372 9011
    Henk's Pit Bar-B-Que serves up traditional, flame grilled Texas meats and sides. Sample one of Henk's popular hamburgers, available with a variety of toppings and sizes. Be sure to try the Texan beans and mashed potatoes. Henk's is open everyday except Sunday and serves lunch and dinner.
  • Basil Doc's Pizzeria

    2803 Civic Circle Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 331 3627
    Nominated for the "City's Best Pizza" by AOL's 2007 city guide, Basil Doc's Pizzeria is one of the most popular pizza spots in all of Amarillo. Basil Doc's offers specialty east coast-style pies such as the "Tuscan" which comes with tomato sauce, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese. The appetizers are scrumptious as well; try the signature basil bread brushcetta for proof. Basil Doc's also does catering for events.
  • Macaroni Joe's Restaurant

    1619 South Kentucky Street Amarillo, TX 79102 United States - Phone: +1 806 358 8990
    Macaroni Joe's could be the best-priced gourmet restaurant in all of Amarillo. The food is fresh and carefully prepared, complimenting the perfectly crafted lunch and the dinner menu. Dishes such as the roasted red pepper soup keep loyal guests coming back for more. Be sure to ask your waiter about which of the 450 wines would go well with the cuisine. Call ahead for reservations as this eatery is always buzzing with activity. 
  • Kabuki Japanese Steakhouse

    8130 West Interstate 40 Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 358 7799
    The Kabuki Japanese Steakhouse is a delicious change of pace from the typical southern-style barbecue restaurants commonly found in Amarillo. The atmosphere is an upbeat, sophisticated one, with subtle lighting and Asian decor. The food is the best part though. The steaks are cooked to perfection with tasty marinades and sauces. Bring the family or have a romantic evening with a loved one. Also, be sure to try the sushi.
  • Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

    727 S Polk St Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 373 8889
    Having opened in 2003, the Acapulco Mexican Restaurant has already established itself as a staple of Mexican eateries in Amarillo; a fact that is evident by its devoted regulars. Start the meal off with one of the popular fajita quesadillas that comes with salsa and guacamole. Enchilada plates and other main dish combos are available for affordable prices. Be sure to sample a margarita or a beer on tap.
  • Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy

    3501 W 45th Ave #G Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 354 8294
    Available for catering and party services but mainly known for its delicious restaurant, Abuelo's Mexican Food Embassy is a fast growing establishment in the southern United States. From soups and salads, to marinated chicken and steak fajitas, Abuelo's has a dish that will suit anyone's taste.
  • Whataburger

    734 N Pierce St Amarillo, TX 79107 United States - Phone: +1 806 376 7726
    Since 1950, Whataburger has been making the classic All-American sandwich for hungry Texans. The whopping double patty or cheese and bacon Whataburger is perfect for hamburger-hungry visitors. Be sure to sample the famous home-cooked fries as well.
  • Zoo Kini's Grill

    3130 S Soncy Road Amarillo, TX 79124 United States - Phone: +1 806 354 9036
    This traditional American and Italian food grill offers guests a relaxed and friendly dining experience. Comfort food appetizers include the flame kissed nachos and the mozzarella sticks. For the main course, Italian dishes such as chicken pasta and a variety of pizzas with fresh toppings are available. For families, there is also a kids menu with mini corn dogs and sandwiches. This restaurant is perfect for an affordable yet delicious meal.
  • Taco Villa

    1826 S Georgia Street Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 356 0475
    Opened in 1968, the Taco Villa Restaurant is a popular and fast-growing Mexican eatery. The steak fajita with fresh guacamole is a tasty dish, along with the enchilada sauce smothered burritos. For lighter menu items, try the grilled chicken salad or chips and salsa. Kids meals and family packs of tacos and burritos are also available.
  • The Plaza

    3415 Bell St Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 358 4897
    The Plaza Mexican Restaurant is a popular spot with locals and tourists alike. The ambiance of the restaurant is cheerful, inviting and South American; a calming fountain splashes in the center of the dining area. For starters try the cheese enchilada with special enchilada sauce and beans on the side. Fajitas, tacos and burritos are other good choices. For friends who are going out on the town, be sure to try the margaritas.
  • Cafe Bella

    7306 SW 34th Ave Amarillo, TX 79121 United States - Phone: +1 806 331 2232
    Located in the alley behind Summit Shopping Center, Cafe Bella has been described as a diamond in the rough by now regular visitors. The decor is modern, inviting and friendly, with comfortable seating and modern art on the walls. While Kobe style Wagyu beef is one of the restaurant's specialties, Cafe Bella also serves up a variety of fresh Italian and American dishes as well. Be sure to try the tasty bourbon-mustard salmon.
  • Hoffbrau Steaks

    7203-G IH-40 West Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 358 6595
    Voted as the restaurant with the best Chicken Fried Steak in Dallas by D Magazine, Hoffbrau Steaks is a fast-growing and popular restaurant for its delicious beef and other home cooked dishes. Tasty entree items such as Roy's New York Strip and Bandera Pork Chop is served with either soup or salad and a choice of sides such as steak fries, rice pilaf, scalloped potatoes, creamed corn, hill country beans, fried okra, mashed potatoes or steamed vegetables. New items are often added to the menu such as char-grilled quail and pork ribs. Also, be sure to try a margarita or a root beer float.
  • Lincoln's

    4000 I-40 West Amarillo, TX 79102 United States - Phone: +1 806 352 1498
    Lincoln's is a gourmet restaurant of Amarillo, serving fresh choices of worldwide cuisines. Start off a meal with a tasty appetizer, like a southwestern egg roll stuffed with cilantro, beans and fresh peppers or the golden calimari served with chipotle bacon aioli. Meat-lovers will thoroughly enjoy the 13 oz. grilled sirloin. Other popular entrees include the Mongolian stir fry or chicken fajitas. For a drink before dinner, Lincoln's has a full, well-stocked bar with happy hour from 17:00-19:00. Wines, spirits and a wide selection of beer is available.
  • Baker Brothers American Deli

    3300 S Soncy Rd Amarillo, TX 79124 United States - Phone: +1 806 352 6135
    Baker Brothers American Deli is a fast growing franchise in Texas and other states for its use of fresh ingredients and the affordable prices. The Deli serves a variety of foods, from pizza and soups to gourmet deli sandwiches. Some popular menu items include the Kentucky Star, a sandwich served with smoked turkey, provolone and fresh vegetables. For families, try splitting a BBQ chicken pizza, with pieces of grilled chicken along with tangy barbecue sauce. Baker Brothers American Deli is available for catering large events and also offers a takeout menu.
  • Cracker Barrel

    2323 I-40 East Amarillo, TX 79104 United States - Phone: +1 806 372 2034
    Cracker Barrel offers guests home-style, traditional American food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Anyone who wakes up in the morning hungry will enjoy the Old Timer's Breakfast, two eggs, grits, sawmill gravy, buttermilk biscuits, and a hashbrown casserole. For lunch, the chicken BLT or the bacon and cheese sandwich, both served with a side of fries, are popular choices. For dinner, try one of the country plates. A generous portion of hickory smoked ham comes with a side of country vegetables and a choice of biscuits or corn muffins.
  • Lin's Grand Buffet

    8440 West I-40 Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 785 9188
    Lin's Grand Buffet is named aptly: diners will enjoy choosing from over 120 fresh items. Among the choices of the buffet is a complete Mongolian barbecue section, where items can be chosen and grilled in the classic style by waiting chefs. For vegetarians, try one of the many tofu dishes. Lin's also has a sushi bar, where fresh rolls are prepared daily. Parties and large events can be hosted at Lin's. Also, be sure to try some fish at the seafood bar.
  • Coyote Bluff

    2417 South Grand Amarillo, TX 79103 United States - Phone: +1 806 373 4640
    A small little dive bar, Coyote Bluff has been featured on the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food. Coyote Bluff features an impressive array of hamburgers including the California Burger with avocado and sour cream, among other delicious ingredients, the mushroom and Swiss burger or a slight variation, the dijon and Swiss burger, along with other more traditional burgers. The crowning achievement of the Coyote Bluff burger menu, however, is the ominous Burger from Hell, topped with Tabasco sauce, habanero salsa, and sauteed fresh jalapeños, sure to bring a tear to even the most hardened palate. In addition to the burgers, they also serve up steaks and sides that are equally impressive. Another touch that makes this little dive a local favorite is the large claw-footed bathtub filled with self-serve beers.
  • Youngblood's Stockyard Cafe

    101 S Manhattan St Amarillo, TX 79104 United States - Phone: +1 806 342 9411
    The Stockyard Cafe is located inside the Amarillo Livestock Auction. The main draw to the Stockyard Cafe is the 8 ounce Sirloin, which has been attracting people for years, but also very popular is another Texas specialty, Chicken Fried Steak. Daily specials are also available, and range from Pot Roast to Pork Chops to Fajitas. The cafe prides itself on "Texas food for Texas people", so its no wonder that the portions are all Texas sized. Youngblood's Stockyard Cafe has been featured on the Travel Channel's Man vs. Food.
  • Biti Pies

    604 S Maryland Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 367 6413
    The Biti Pie is a personal sized pie, and Biti Pies serves up a lot of them, along with Biti Cakes as well. Biti Pies features all your favorite flavors of pie ranging from the classic Pecan, Coconut Cream, and Buttermilk Pie. Biti Pies also features a different special flavor every day. Also available are biti, individual cakes with flavors like German Chocolate, Italian Creme and Carrott.
  • Crush Wine Bar & Deli

    701 South Polk Street Amarillo, TX 79101 United States - Phone: +1 806 418 2011
    This cozy wine bar is located at the corner of 7th and Polk in downtown Amarillo. Featuring a state-of-the-art wine preservation system, Crush uses an Italian made Enomatic wine dispensing machine, ensuring the wine you order tastes as the growers and producers intended it to. Aside the from extensive wine list, Crush also offers 14 different beers on tap. A small, concise lunch menu lets patrons nibble on appetizers, salads, sandwiches and dessert that pairs perfectly with many of their wines. A private event room is perfect for any special occasion.
  • Fire Slice Brick Oven Pizzeria

    7306 Southwest 34th Avenue Amarillo, TX 79121 United States - Phone: +1 806 331 2232
    This modern pub and pizzeria serves up delicious wood-fired brick oven pizza and pairs them perfectly with the right libations to create a memorizing experience for your palate. Freshly made dough creates the perfect base for the pies with premium toppings like New Mexico green chiles, homemade meatballs, roasted crimini mushrooms, and homemade alfredo sauce. Baked pastas dishes and piled high paninis are also on offer if pizza doesn't suit your fancy. The single option for desert is an outstanding, gooey, chocolate, marshmellow, s'mores calzone that will leave no doubt in your mind as to why they only have one dish on offer.
  • Tyler's Barbecue

    2014 Paramount Boulevard Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 331 2271
    Avid grill man himself, Tyler Frazer decided to open up his own barbecue joint after years of honing his skills in others around the country. Serving finger licking good barbecue cuisine, Tyler's Barbecue is known as one of the best in town and has been known to sell out long before closing time. Mouthwatering menu items include sliced brisket sandwiches, ribs, hot links and more. Don't forget the classic sides, the baked beans and potato salad get just as much love in preparation and execution as the barbecue! This simple, yet delicious barbecue joint is the perfect place to get a plateful of a home cooked, traditional Texan meal.
  • Dyer's Bar-B-Que

    1619 South Kentucky Street Amarillo, TX 79102 United States - Phone: +1 806 358 7104
    A fourth generation tradition, its safe to say barbecuing is in the Dyer family blood. With a menu as big as Texas, Dyer's Bar-B-Que in Amarillo will have you on the fence about what to order. Everything from the chicken fried steak, catfish, brisket sandwich, and ribs, to the pulled pork is finger licking good! They even offer family style options with plates big enough to share. To round out the heaping servings of barbecue, each plate comes with sides of beans, cole slaw, potato salad, onion rings, apricots, and of course, Texas toast.
  • El Manantial

    3823 East Amarillo Boulevard Amarillo, TX 79107 United States - Phone: +1 806 383 1852
    Mexican joints are a dime a dozen in Texas, but El Manantial in Amarillo is the closest thing you'll get to the true authentic stuff without having to cross the boarder. More of a hole in the wall than anything else, this Mexican restaurant is known far and wide for its amazing cuisine. Find made from scratch daily made corn tortillas and hot sauce that packs on the spice as well as the flavor. The usual serving of tortilla chips come with three different kinds of salsa, including a white bean and spices dip. Everything is utterly delicious and tastes like your abuelita has been up since 5a cooking it! If you still have room after a filling meal here, be sure to try their famous tres leches cake.
  • Blue Sky

    4201 Interstate 40 West Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 355 8100
    This no frills burger joint has found the winning combination. With excellent customer service and premium ingredients used in all of their dishes, Blue Sky in Amarillo is a great, budget-friendly place for a meal. With exposed brick walls and ducts, the spacious restaurant is bedecked in colorful Christmas lights and glowing neon signs. Their fries are made from the best Idaho potatoes, while the buns are baked fresh daily. Hand battered onion rings, jalapeno and chile sticks are made to order. The 100% ground beef chuck contains no fillers and makes for a juicy and tasty burger. So if you're looking for a casual eatery to satisfy, Blue Sky off of Route 66 is sure to be delicious and memorable.  
  • Green Chile Willy's

    13651 Interstate 27 Amarillo, TX 79119 United States - Phone: +1 806 622 2200
    Locals know that for some down home Texas cooking, there's nothing better than Green Chile Willy's. This Amarillo staple is legendary for its intense flavors and their famous green chile chicken fried steak. Not for the faint of heart, the portion sizes are deemed by 'Texas size' with 12 oz. steaks, 14 oz. ribeyes, and heft 1/2 pound burgers. Don't miss out on the cheese fries or the green chile cheese fries, they're big enough to be a meal on their own!
  • Joe Taco

    7312 Wallace Boulevard Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 331 8226
    With one of the best patios for al fresco dining in town and mouthwatering cuisine, its safe to say Joe Taco is one of the most popular eateries in Amarillo. The Tex-Mex cuisine reigns supreme here with offerings like queso fondue, tacos with signature sauces and meats, smothered fajitas with green chile queso, deep fried burritos with fried eggs, chalupas and more. Their legendary happy hour takes place all day on Saturday and Sunday, which adds to the popularity with house made margaritas and premium tequila. So grab a seat near the outdoor fountain, order a round of drinks and take your time with the menu, it'll be a meal to remember.
  • 575 Pizzeria

    2803 Civic Circle Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 331 3627
    Aptly named after the degrees in Fahrenheit that cooks the perfect pizza, 575 Pizzeria is known for its exceptional pies. The light, crispy crust perfectly balances the premium toppings like the sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, pine nuts, mozzarella, and others. With over 40 pizzas to choose from, including both red and white pie bases, you're sure to find something you like. Creative creations include 'The Stella' with red onions, candied almonds, goat cheese, red pepper and a white base, or the Colorado with broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, green peppers and red onions. Gluten free crust is also available.
  • Napoli's

    700 South Taylor Street Amarillo, TX 79101 United States - Phone: +1 806 220 2588
    This downtown staple serves up mouthwatering Italian cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere with a patio that'll make you feel like you've been transported to the hills of Tuscany. Everything from homemade sub sandwiches, New York style pizzas, baked pasta dishes, chicken and veal specialties as well as seafood options are sure to satiate even the most discerning palates. Napoli's even features live entertainment on Friday and Saturday evenings, making it a popular weekend venue.
  • Jorge's Mexican Bar & Grill

    6051 South Bell Street Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 354 2141
    A menu the size of Texas, Jorge's Mexican Bar & Grill has a bevy of Tex-Mex menu options to satisfy even the pickiest eater. This modern Amarillo eatery serves up classics like sizzling fajitas, chimichangas, carnitas, enchiladas, loaded nachos, and much more. The kids can choose from simple options of grilled cheese, a simple bean burrito quesadilla and other simplified options. Dessert shouldn't be forgotten about either, their fried ice cream, sopapilla are utterly mouthwatering down to the last bite.
  • Saltgrass Steak House

    8300 West Interstate 40 Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 351 0349
    An old-fashioned steakhouse with heaping portions has ensured Saltgrass Steak House remains one of the most popular, steak eateries in Amarillo. Recapturing that flavor made famous by the cattle that perused and munched on the Salt Grass Trail to the Gulf Coast, the steaks found here are legendary. Aside from the great beef served here, Saltgrass has other exceptional dishes with seafood and poultry. The accompaniment dishes are just as delicious with everything made from scratch from the famous Shiner Bock Beer Bread and honey butter to the seafood fondeaux. The interiors features kitschy decor completed with rough wood accents, long horn skulls and weathered license plates, to complete the ranch-like theme.
  • El Tejavan

    3420 West Interstate 40 Amarillo, TX 79102 United States - Phone: +1 806 354 2444
    Staying true to its Texas roots, the hefty portion sizes of Mexican cuisine at El Tejavan are sure to fill you up. However, forget  about the usual Tex-Mex fare that this state is known for, this eatery serves up homemade Mexican dishes straight from the recipes books of family members in Guadalajara, Mexico. Huge chunks of fresh avocado are expertly mixed with the homemade pico de gallo to create some of the best guacamole in town. Their best selling plate of carne asada is juicy, tender and just the right thickness to wrap in a homemade corn tortillas. Breakfast is another highlight here with flavorful egg dishes dominating the menu.
  • Thai Star

    3800 East Amarillo Boulevard Amarillo, TX 79107 United States - Phone: +1 806 383 4727
    Offering a variation from the plethora of barbecue and steak joints in Amarillo, Thai Star is a refreshing alternative. Located next to a fire station, this quaint Taiwanese eatery has been a staple since it opened in 1990. At the helm of the kitchen is chef and owner, who's numerous awards can be seen lining the walls, securing it as one of the best Thai restaurants around. Find the usual suspects here like pad Thai, fried rice, panang, egg drop soup, pad piek and more. Best of all, you can watch the cars along Route 66 from the dining room windows.
  • Cowboy Gelato

    2806 South West 6th Avenue Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 376 5286
    A family favorite, this venue has been modeled after the famous spaghetti western movies of the past. Serving up Americana fare like stuffed burgers, barbecue sandwiches, freshly cut fries, fried green beans, fried pickles, sweet potato tater tots, and a simplified kids menu, Cowboy Gelato is sure to have something for everyone. Its namesake gelato is made fresh daily with a rotating list of flavors that range from watermelon to red velvet and Irish cream. With delicious fried food, and freshly made gelato, its easy to see how this eatery has quickly become a must-stop along Route 66.
  • OHMS Cafe

    619 South Tyler Street Amarillo, TX 79101 United States - Phone: +1 806 373 3233
    Swanky and decadent, this Amarillo eatery makes for a great romantic evening out. Tucked away in downtown, OHMS Cafe is brought to you by the culinary genius of Mary Fuller and her children. Buying the restaurant in 1992, Mary has turned this charming establishment into one of the most sought after reservations in the city. Open for lunch and dinner, the cafe features a sumptuous menu created by her son, the executive chef and filled with mouthwatering dishes like sesame crusted oysters, seared elk tenderloin, duck breast, grilled salmon, Cajun meatloaf, homemade pasta dishes and more. The desserts are crafted by her daughter and change on a daily basis. The love this family has for the culinary arts shines through the excellent dishes and customer services, making it an Amarillo must visit.
  • I Don't Know Sports Bar & Grill

    1301 South West 6th Avenue Amarillo, TX 79101 United States - Phone: +1 806 331 7985
    Part sports bar and part automotive shop, this unique little place will change the oil in your car and serve you a beer while you wait. Watch the latest game on one of the four large projector screens mounted on the exposed brick wall while you nosh on one of their signature burgers piled high with bacon, avocado, crisp lettuce and a freshly baked artisan bun. The draft selection here is amazing with 102 to choose from. 
  • Sixth Street Antique Mall

    W 6th Ave & S Forest St Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 374 0459
    An official listing on the National Register of Historic Places, the Natatorium, or as locals call it, "The Nat", used to be an indoor swimming pool in the 20s. In later years, the Nat was transformed into a dance hall. The Nat was a major venue for bands traveling through Route 66, with such legendary musicians as Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong gracing the stage. Today, the Nat is as popular as ever, although it re-opened to the public as a large antique mall.
  • Cavender's Boot City

    7920 West Interstate 40 Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 358 1400
    If you want to visit Amarillo in the local style, (when in Rome, right?) be sure to visit Cavender's Boot City. Cavender's sells all sorts of classic western wear. There are cowboy boots for men and women, hats, belts, spurs and a selection of leather-made goods. With stores throughout Texas, Cavender's is a reliable source of sturdy, outdoor clothes for any type of shopper. Clothes for kids are available as well.
  • Westgate Mall

    7701 West Interstate 40 Amarillo, TX 79121 United States - Phone: +1 806 358 7221
    The Westgate Mall is the largest indoor mall in all of Amarillo. Featuring toy stores, clothing stores, accessories and restaurants, Westgate Mall has something for everyone. Mall-wide sales for the fall season and back to school start in September. The mall is also involved in community sponsorships and events.
  • Schakolad Chocolate Factory

    3300 Soncy Rd Suite 300 Amarillo, TX 79124 United States - Phone: +1 806 331 2626
    The Schakolad Chocolate factory prepares chocolates in the classic European style, using only the best ingredients. Chocolate boxes can be created, from a small box of 15 pieces to a large box of 48. Other specialty products such as chocolate body paint and gourmet chocolate bars are available. For those who love chocolate but are on a diet, Schakolad offers low carb/sugar free chocolates. Rose-shaped chocolates, birthday message chocolates and other special occasion chocolates make for delicious gifts.
  • Arden's of Amarillo

    2632 Wolflin Ave Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 355 9981
    Arden's of Amarillo specializes in the selling of fine art created by local artists. The subjects featured in the original paintings available for sale range from Africa, Americana and European themes, to fantasy, the old west and nature. Aside from paintings, Arden's also carries books, custom blinds and a wide selection of wallpapers. The work of popular artists such as Bill Anton, Christa Kieffer, Howard Rogers, and Susan Wamsley is on showcase and available for purchase at Arden's Amarillo.
  • Lizzie Mae's

    10101 Amarillo Boulevard West Amarillo, TX 79124 United States - Phone: +1 806 331 1710
    For a wide selection of crafts and creative gifts, be sure to visit Lizzie Mae's of Amarillo. Lizzie Mae's features cabin decor such as Americana paintings and assorted western and southern themed knick-knacks. Other home decorations like scented candles, throw pillows and household objects are available. For cat-lovers, Lizzie Mae's has a number of cat paintings, posters and dolls. Also, be sure to try some of the special, hard-to-find fresh salsas.
  • Gander Mountain

    10300 W Interstate 40 Amarillo, TX 79124 United States - Phone: +1 806 354 9095
    Hunters, Fishermen and all around outdoorsmen visiting Amarillo should be sure to stop at Gander Mountain for any outdoor supplies. High quality weather resistant gear like jackets, pants, sweatshirts and belts are available for men, women and children. Tough hiking boots, ultra cold weather sleeping bags, and family-szied tents can be purchased for extremely reasonable prices. Gift cards and t-shirts make for perfect presents.
  • Hill's Sport Shop

    4021 Mockingbird Ln Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 355 7224
    The Hill's Sport Shop provides equipment for serious outdoor sports enthusiasts and beginners alike. Bikers will enjoy the wide selection of top quality mountain and road bikes along with bike repairs. As the only licensed Burton seller in the Texas Panhandle, Hill's Sport shop is a must for snowboarders and skiers alike. The hiking selection ranges from beginners products, good for overnight trips, and experts products designed for weeks long treks. Camping equipment, fitness apparel and footwear are also available at decent prices.
  • Beck Cowboy Boots

    723 S Georgia St Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 373 1600
    Beck Cowboy Boots was started in 1916 by brothers Earl and Bearl Beck. The Beck family continues to make the boots from fine quality leather products. For visitors who want to fit in with the crowds of Amarillo, stop by Beck Boots for a pair of "classics", steerhide and oil treated buffalo calf. Custom boots can also be made, with a selection of different colored leathers and sizes. Lace up boots and boots for women and children are also available. Only the best leathers are used, which makes for a pricey but extremely tough and long-lasting boot.
  • West Texas Western Store

    I 40 & Coulter Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 358 9897
    Since 1973 the West Texas Western Store has been specializing in cowboy hats and western apparel. A wide selection of hats is available, from fine made custom cowboy hats to felt and straw hats. The store also has jeans and hat accessories for men, women and children. Cowboy cologne, boots and other specialty items are regularly on sale. Jewelery, belts and wallets make for perfect gifts. West Texas Western Store offers quality clothing, hats and accessories at affordable prices.
  • Top Notch Treasures

    2711 Stanley St Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 372 4472
    Top Notch Treasures provides a huge array of souvenirs, gifts, and specialty items. From Christian gifts to floral arrangements, Top Notch has something for every shopper. Vintage decor and Christian decorations are on sale for cheap prices. Sassy shop-till-you-droppers are in luck: "notepads with sass"(y) expressions are in stock. Find a unique item from Top Notch Treasures to remember an Amarillo trip.
  • The English Rose

    6208 Hillside Road Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 359 7905
    The English Rose has a type of gift for every shopper. The Rose carries baby clothes, body lotions, candles, jewelry, arts & crafts supplies and more. Accessories like leather purses and stylish wallets are sold at extremely reasonable prices. Hand-blown glass balls, known as Calico ornaments which are hung from windows, come in an array of beautifully swirled colors. Travel bags designed for women, which are regularly on sale, make for great gifts. The English Rose also has a wide selection of bath supplies and body lotions.
  • Biti Pies

    604 S Maryland Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 367 6413
    The Biti Pie is a personal sized pie, and Biti Pies serves up a lot of them, along with Biti Cakes as well. Biti Pies features all your favorite flavors of pie ranging from the classic Pecan, Coconut Cream, and Buttermilk Pie. Biti Pies also features a different special flavor every day. Also available are biti, individual cakes with flavors like German Chocolate, Italian Creme and Carrott.
  • Janey's at 2500

    2500 Paramount Boulevard Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 359 4156
    Open since 1985, Janey's has been a staple on the Amarillo shopping scene for decades. Carrying the latest for fashion and accessories women, children and babies, this chic boutique has everything from designer jeans to high-tech strollers. This fun and hip store has been carefully curated and merchandised so browsing the store is a breeze. The staggering selection of designer denim ranges from brands like 7 For All Mankind, to Rock & Republic and Joie. Find darling children's clothes that are reasonably priced as well as fun accessories for them. 
  • Lilly Finch

    2435 Interstate 40 West Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 331 0031
    Feel like Jackie O when you shop at this chic boutique. Formulate the perfect outfit from the quality items found here. Whether its for a date, running errands or a special event, Lilly Finch has you covered from head to toe. Crisp lines, fun patterns and classic pieces will quickly become staples in your wardrobe. Pieces from Lilly Finch are timeless, so you won't have to worry about wearing that gorgeous peacoat next season because it will still be just as tasteful as the day you bought it.
  • Gray is Grey

    1408 South West 15th Street Amarillo, TX 79102 United States - Phone: +1 806 342 4729
    This chic boutique in Amarillo will help you make your house a home. Find cozy and stylish furnishings from haute couture sofas to gorgeous lamps, throw pillows, accent pieces and more. Gray is Grey isn't just for the savvy home decorator either, the shop also carries an assortment of gifts for men and women like healing lavender salve, candles, jewelry, agate bookends, graphite figurines, stationary and other curios. Find charming keepsakes for friends and family that they'll truly cherish and maybe even pick up something for yourself! 
  • Semblance

    2437 Interstate 40 Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 356 0419
    A Wolfin Square staple, Semblance is for the stylish woman looking to expand upon her classic wardrobe. Carrying timelessly fashionable pieces, this modern shop will beckon you through its doors with gorgeous window ensembles. Find nautical inspired pinstriped dresses, or crisp linen pants with clean lines or a lovely blouse versatile enough for both the office and evening. Top off your look with a gold and coral colored cuff from Loren Hope or a statement necklace by Gorjana. 
  • Raffkind's

    2205 South Georgia Street Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 352 3033
    What began as a retail store for the nearby Amarillo Air Force Base airmen in the 1950s, has grown into one of Amarillo's most well-known retailers today. Raffkinds is the brainchild of an immigrant family from Russia which has since grown and expanded the business to include clothing, accessories and such for both men and women. Catering to a young, hip crowd, expect to find designer brands like La Mer, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Northface, Michael Kors and more.
  • The Nat

    2705 South West 6th Avenue Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 367 8908

    This modern antique shop is a far cry from the dusty, crowded antique shops you're probably used to. Carefully curated, this massive 20,000 square foot shop features the best of the best from over 100 different dealers. The Nat as locals call it, is short for the Natatorium and was originally opened in 1922 as a swimming center. Since then, The Nat has undergone various renovations, been a dance hall, a supper club, ballroom and closed in the 60's. Today, The Nat has once again been remained and now serves as a marketplace for antique dealers, craftsmen and such. Find gorgeous handcrafted items along with lovely antique furniture and accessories.


  • Oliver Saddle Shop

    3016 Plains Boulevard Amarillo, TX 79102 United States - Phone: +1 806 372 7562
    Not just for cowboys, the Oliver Saddle Shop in Amarillo carries a bevy of accessories, clothing, tack, bits and more for the country western lifestyle. Specializing in Western saddles, Oliver's inventory of gorgeous handmade leather saddles are a lifetime investment, and with the quality, are sure to last that long. They also carry an assortment of used saddles and tack for those on a budget. Stirrups broken? Oliver's mends and repairs many your tack and saddles as well. 
  • Silverland

    2608 Wolflin Avenue Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 355 2525
    Spread out over 3,000 square feet of retail space, Silverland is a shopping enthusiasts dream come true. Find charming gifts and knick knacks, home decor, jewelry, art, accessories and more at this Amarillo boutique. In business for over 14 years, Silverland's has created a shop that beckons to patrons with its friendly and helpful service and quality products. Aside from the usual gifts, the shop also features a small selection of 'Faithful Gifts' made by local designers inspired by the Catholic scripture.
  • Wolflin Square & Village

    Interstate 40 West at Georgia Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 800 383 4712
    This shopping center is home to some of Amarillo's finest shops, restaurants, salons, and boutiques. Whether you need to grab a bite to eat at Ruby Tequila's, get your nails done at Bebe Nail Salon, find home accent pieces at Et Cetera, or update your wardrobe at Raffkinds, Wolflin Square & Village is the place to visit. When it's time to refuel during your shopping trip, head over to the onsite Starbucks for a pick-me-up. 
  • Butlers Martini Bar

    703 South Polk Street Amarillo, TX 79101 United States - Phone: +1 806 376 8180
    Butlers is Amarillo's sophisticated martini bar. When considering the quality of liquor being served in the signature martinis, the prices are affordable. Butlers has a modern design, with cool sofas and a happening crowd to boot. It is said that Butlers is where the "beautiful people" of Amarillo come to start off the night.
  • Midnight Rodeo

    4400 South Georgia Street Amarillo, TX 79110 United States - Phone: +1 806 358 7083
    Some say the Midnight Rodeo is the best Honky Tonk featuring live music in the Texas Panhandle district. Judging by the 20,000 square (1860 square meters) feet of dance floor and the fact that Midnight Rodeo just celebrated its 15th year anniversary, the assessment seems to hold true. Local magazines and newspapers have named Midnight Rodeo the best dance floor year after year. For those who want a taste of true Texas night life, try heading over to the Midnight Rodeo to get your square dancing on.
  • Hoots Pub

    2424 Hobbs Road Amarillo, TX 79109 United States - Phone: +1 806 356 7548
    With one of the best happy hours in town, 2p-8p, Monday through Friday, and great live music gigs, its easy to see why Hoots Pub is an Amarillo favorite. Pool tables and shuffle board add to the entertainment factor when the bar doesn't have any live music going on and the bartenders are easy-going and fun to chat with. Whether you come to check out the latest bands or just to grab a drink with friends, Hoots is the place to be. 
  • Vientiane Nights

    6007 East Amarillo Boulevard Amarillo, TX 79107 United States
    Located across the East Amarillo Boulevard, the Vientiane Nights is a popular nightspot in town. This cool club features different events throughout the week that includes live music concerts, DJ sessions, dance parties and theme nights. You can watch your favorite band/artists perform while enjoying a variety of drinks that are on offer. All in all, be it a post movie session or night out with friends, Vientiane Nights is the place to be.
  • Leftwoods

    2511 South West 6th Avenue Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 367 9840
    This locally owned music venue brings some great acts to Amarillo. Leftwoods makes for a fun evening out with fairly priced drinks, a spacious venue and friendly staff. A disco ball and Christmas lights strung from the ceiling add to the playful and fun ambiance of the place, while the stiff drinks will put a pep in your step without breaking the bank. Events take place throughout the month so be sure to pop in and see what this place is all about. 
  • Western Horseman Club

    2501 Interstate 40 East Amarillo, TX 79104 United States - Phone: +1 806 379 6555
    Staying true to its Texas roots, this country western themed bar is a laid-back, casual establishment. Weekly specials and live country music on the weekends keeps the place buzzing with activity. Sundays in the fall bring the football crowds, while the evenings usher in Tejano night with free admission. So get your cowboy boots on and prepare to boot, scoot and boogie at this Amarillo bar.
  • Wild Card Nightclub

    715 South Polk Street Amarillo, TX 79101 United States - Phone: +1 325 280 9604
    This all encompassing nightclub is a favorite of Amarillo denizens. With a 50 foot long bar, spacious dance floor, sports lounge, and VIP section spread out over two levels. The Deuces Sports Lounge on the bottom level offers patrons pool tables, darts and flat screen televisions to keep up with the latest game. The top level is the VIP area where you can see the dance floor below. The top 40 hits play throughout the night, with catchy tunes playing making for a fun night of dancing and frivolity. 
  • Daphne's Tour & Travel

    2412 Line Ave Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 372 3535
    Daphne's Tour & Travel is a unique company in that it arranges custom tours for tourists visiting Amarillo. All the frustrating details of exploring a new city are taken care of; Daphne's provides transportation, arranges payment for admission to area attractions and guides. From a Casino Trip to a Dallas Cowboys game, Daphne's can arrange a tour to match any specific interests. Multi-Lingual arrangements can also be made.
  • Skeet's Tour & Travel

    7008 Adirondack Trail Amarillo, TX 79106 United States - Phone: +1 806 352 4128 / +1 806 679 0683
    Skeet's Tour & Travel provides bus tours around Amarillo and nationwide. Customized bus tours can be created in advance, or set tours of the city can be taken regularly. Special discounts may be given to church or school groups. Since 2001, Skeet's Tour & Travel has been growing, conducting more varieties of tours around America.
  • Amarillo

    Amarillo Amarillo, TX 79107 United States - Phone: +1 806 378 3000 / +1 806 378 4229